how fleeting it is
this fragile reality
yet so beautiful

4.23.16~ St. Vital Park


South Dakota ~ 5.8.16

what is so pleasing
about a mountain rising

as far as I can see
east, west, north and to the south
the land sings with life

to the one who first
wore this path through the prairie
I travel with you

like a green carpet
rolling in all directions
clothing our Mother

Montana 5.7.16

O wild Montana
unbounded and unconstrained
as your first people

innocent of blame
your choices are not my law
each one must seek truth

Vancouver Island ~ 4.27-28.16

most unpaved roads
lead to the unexpected
deep in sacred time

cross a one lane bridge
without railings over deep
gorges … and exhale

to guard your senses
let your soul reflect beauty
and love’s mystery

Cannon Beach, Oregon ~4.28.16

waiting for the sun
to kiss the rocks in the sea
only blue peace came

before a year old
my boy and his mother sat
with this ancient beach

tonight warm colors
from the Creator’s spot light
made my pixels glow

Canadian Rockies ~ 4.26.16

in black and white tones
emerging from misty
air, they cannot be!

silently they rise
immense peaks pointing upward
drawing in the sky